Another Chapter Closes

Whether you’re ready for it or not, life goes on. When one chapter comes to an end, another one is usually only beginning. Some say,  “as one door closes and another door opens”. They both mean the same thing. For every end, there is a new beginning. I’ve realized that a whole new chapter had begun in my life while I’ve been stuck rereading the old one – or staring at that closed door. But part of life is learning to letting go.

Over the past year, I’ve stopped sharing my blog posts. It wasn’t because they were unwritten or incomplete… Instead, I felt like the blog theme I had began so many years ago and blog posts I was writing over this past year were clashing. When I started lotsoflovelara, I was in my high school matric year (2014). My first blog post only came out in the middle of my first year at university. During this time, I felt surrounded by negativity and criticisms. So I started a blog to share some love and passion with the world. That’s the person I defined myself as – loving and passionate. During my high school career I like to think of myself as living in a little bubble, semi-oblivious to societal problems. This meant that while I was aware that SA politics were a mess and that people in SA were constantly struggling, I didn’t really engage fully with these problems because I thought they didn’t concern me. So hence, my world was loving, carefree and happy-go-lucky.

Did this change the types of blog I was writing? Did this mean that I was no longer allowed to be carefree and bubbly and happy all the time?

The person I am now still writes about her everyday experiences. However, more and more this includes conversations about women’s safety on UCT campus; ways to combat gender-based violence; conversations about how I can build a life in a country overrun by corruption and a failing economy. These concerns and conversations have become more prevalent and are things I think people need to hear about. Themes such as these do not align with the lotsoflovelara brand.

I hope to create a new space which allows me to grow and that will grow with me in a way that lotsoflovelara did not allow. Through concluding lotsoflovelara, I hope to be able to begin again – with a new blog.

so keep your eyes peeled, because exciting things are still coming…


Lots of love x



Ditch the Bra!

Going braless seems to be all the rage lately. It has me wondering what inspired it? Is it an attempt to challenge patriarchy by claiming back our bodies or is it just the latest ‘sexy’ trend. Maybe it’s both – I mean why can’t females be sexy and make a statement. Going braless has became the millennial’s way of reclaiming her sexuality, a concept alwys associated with feminists. So it’s not new, it’s just been revitalised.

Buying your first bra has always been a rite of passage for every woman.A rite of passage I can’t  relate to. I’m still waiting for that day where I roll out of bed and suddenly have boobs big enough to be deserving of a bra. Then came National ‘No-Bra’ Day  along with various other ‘braless’ trends giving a girl like me a chance to be sexy and feel good about my body. It was a way for me to feel empowered to love myself for who I am.


In my first year of university (2015), I started to ditch the bras and try a more ‘freeing’ style. Why? They’re so uncomfortable and, as a small-boobed woman, I don’t really need them. It was tough initially because it wasn’t the norm and there were two things I always worried about:

  1. cold weather and nipple stands
  2. wearing revealing top and having them become a little too revealing

People always suggested that I should take a page out of Miley Cyrus’s book and wear nipple stickers or follow in Kim Kardashian’s footsteps and use boob tape to keep everything in place. Admittedly, those ideas tempted me but I found it incredibly uncomfortable. However, as the year continued I started to gain a little more confidence and found some perks of going braless…

  • you save a ton of money (let’s all be honest, bras are hella expensive)
  • it’s so comfortable!
  • you don’t have to worry about hiding bra straps (or any part of your bra for that matter)

Fast forward to 2016, two exciting things happened:

  1. The Kendall Jenner scandal: Kendall Jenner, being the socialite and fashionsta that she is, became the talk of the tabloid (in June) when she decided to wear a sheer black off-the-shoulder top which exposed her nipples. (OMG! How could she do this?!) The world seemed at a loss for words. I was secretly doing a little dance and burning my bras. I mean if Kendall Jenner could do it, why couldn’t I?
  2. #FreeTheNipple campaign: I stumbled across the #FreeTheNipple campaign (if you don’t know what the campaign is all about I’ve included a link for you. Please educate yourself). This was my saving grace. It was all about being feminist, fierce and sexy.

Many celebrities soon followed suit and thus, a new trend was born!

USA Today said that millennials were pushing back from push ups. Ditching the conventional bra for something more comfortable and trendy.

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My advice: ditch the push-up bra every once in a while – be comfy, be sexy and make a statement!ericuys

Lots of love,



Go and Love Yourself


Justin Bieber was actually wise in saying that you should go and love yourself.

It’s Valentine’s Day. A day traditionally spent spoiling your significant other, a day where you take a chance and finally ask your crush on a date or the day you end up with a bucket of ice-cream wallowing in self-pity. I could continue my annual rant about how much I hate Valentine’s Day – as it’s literally a commercial holiday created so that you’ll spend your monthly savings (or whatever funds you can muster up) on chocolates and teddy bears and flowers and blah blah blah… No. Today, I will be telling you a little story about self-love and appreciation.

About 3 weeks ago *cue cheesy flashback sequence* I resigned from my job. Now the actual resignation itself isn’t important but rather why I resigned. A lot of people asked me, Why? This is because the people outside my workplace saw the one good thing this job brought me – money, lots of it (and the view wasn’t too bad). The people I worked with only knew me as the happy-go-lucky, vibrant, gossip queen that I was. How could I possibly be unhappy with this job? However, over the 3 months that I worked there, I had easily lost 5kgs, my body was in constant pain and my mental health was in disarray and emotional capacity deteriorated.

This workplace was stressful and required more than what I was capable of giving. Yet I kept pushing myself because, not only was the money good, but the people felt like family so what was there to complain about? Due to the stressful environment, I developed an anxiety disorder. I couldn’t sleep, I began to feel incredibly unsure of myself and eventually, I began to dread going into work. It wasn’t until I began suffering from a series of panic attacks and spent a night in the emergency ward that I started to see how badly this job affected me. So in the week after, I reached out and spoke to my family and closest friends on what to do next.

It shocked me to my core that I had let the prospect of (money) drive me to such a state of bad health. In the process, I had forgotten to take care of myself. I had let go of my self-worth. And it wasn’t even worth it.

So I quit my job and tried to find something which better suited me. I started to spend time with myself and an amazing thing happened – I was less anxious. My health got better. I didn’t have as much money coming in, but I felt good.

So on this day of love, it serves as a reminder to me to not only let those closest to you know that you care but also to love yourself.

My advice:

  • treat yourself to breakfast, lunch or dinner
  • go buy yourself that shoe you’ve been eyeing
  • find happiness in the little things
  • meditate (or take some time to reflect)
  • take time to appreciate and love yourself
  • do something crazy that’s outside of your comfort zone
  • watch a good horror movie (or whatever floats your boat)
  • & not to be cliche, but EAT, PRAY, LOVE

That’s it from me!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

oh and…

Lots of love,



Photography by Dean Tennant

All about Lots of Love, Lara


Just a little bit of Lara (with a little bit of love)…

Hi Darlings,

Lots of love, Lara is about to start a new journey about affordable beauty, fashion and most importantly – lifestyle.

For those of you wondering what happened to my previous blog posts and blogging habits, I lost focus. I got caught up in my university work, my jobs and trying to find a reason for me to blog. I neglected my passion for blogging because I was afraid that it wasn’t good enough. I used university and my busy lifestyle as excuses for not posting. Eventually days  became weeks which in turn became months and so on and so forth…

Why the change?

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking during the past six months since I’ve stopped blogging … This included a lot of self-growth, what my blog would focus on and what I planned to achieve through blogging. In following my weekly blogs, you’ll be joining me on this journey of self-growth and following the life of a beginner blogger.

What’s going to be different this time around?

Lots of love, Lara will be a kind of personal diary where I share my experiences and new adventures such as going to festivals, hunting through vintage markets, dining in new restaurants and coffee tasting in various cafes both in and around Cape Town. I’ll be sharing thoughts on self-growth and personal experiences such as my new fitness and health journey. Since I’m a university student (and the student life is real), I’ll also be sharing any d.i.y. projects, beauty tips and tricks as well as cheap makeup brands which work. I’ll also be giving my opinions on the latest fashion trends, as well as trying to find ways to shop smart and save money.

Please feel free to like, share, comment/critique & follow my blog – at any time.

Lots of love,






Bralette: Cotton On Body

Shorts: Factorie

Photography by Dominique Jacobs