Hi there & welcome to the world of Lara Simone.

Here’s some pretty standard facts about me…

I’m a full-time Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Film, Media and Gender Studies at the University of Cape Town. I’m a part-time radio host on UCT Radio 104.5  . I’m an aspiring blogger (well, duh!) and singer. Also – I was established in 1996.

Why do I matter?

Well, I’m a Cape Town girl. I love experiencing everything Cape Town has to offer – this is my home and it’s taught me so much, how about I share it with you? I’m driven by my passion. Yes, it’s clear in the name that I’m all love and happy-go-lucky, but that’s not all there is to me. I’m a feminist who feels strongly in equality and making sure that I have my say on topics that are hard to talk about too. I’m all about looking good, comfort & affordability. I’ll be giving tips and tricks about how to survive university on a tight budget and still look good.

So check me out and if you have an queries, contact me:

via email: lotsoflovelara@gmail.com

via Twitter: @lotsoflovelara

via Instagram: @lotsoflovelara

and as you might have guessed…

Lots of love,



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